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Steve Barbarich donates to Covenant House

You can read all about Steve Barbarich donations at any  reviews sites in web. You’ll soon see that we are a philanthropic organization that believes wholeheartedly in giving back not only to our little part of the world, the San Francisco Bay Area, but also all over the world.

For example, when Hurricanes Rita and Ike hit the Gulf Coast, Steve Barbarich knew it needed to help victims recover from these harsh disasters. Donating to the Gulf Coast Fund for Community Renewal and Ecological Health gave Steven Barbarich, CEO, the chance to help grassroots organizations in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Texas rebuild after the now-notorious hurricanes. By donating profits from sales of his business, His team really made a difference in the lives of people traumatized by these natural disasters.

 Steve Barbarich also hosts sales  to assist people who need  financial assistance to buy the luxury items they deserve. For example, we supported our troops with an Armed Forces Day sale that would give even better prices – a 10% discount -- to those serving in the military with military ID. Also, from May 21st through June 21st, 2009, the hot tub retailer gave to the American Red Cross to help survivors of natural disasters get back on their feet again and rebuild their lives.

Steve Barbarich Donates
to Local Cause-Related Organizations

The company also donates generously to local causes, such as the Mills-Peninsula Breast Centers in South San Francisco and San Mateo, CA. Here, Steven Barbarich, donated money for Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October, 2009, to help women in need get the crucial mammograms they need to discover cancer in its early stages, when the rate of survival is high.

Also, Steve Barbarich supported Covenant House, Oakland’s Operation Christmas CAROL (Care About Remembering Overlooked Lives) during the 2009 holiday season. Once again allocating funds from hot tub sales, Steven Barbarich took the initiative to ensure that runaway teens and young adults received some joy this past Christmas. Since the Bay Area has some of the largest numbers of homeless people in the nation, he knew this would really benefit the area. The Covenant House opens its doors to any teen in trouble with unconditional love and support, and has a 24 hour hotline and Web site devoted to helping young adults mainly aged 18-24. The Covenant House’s goals are not only to get kids off the streets and into safe, caring environments, but also to help them kick drug habits, reinvent themselves, find jobs and end suicidal thoughts. In other words, it’s really there to help young adults get back on their feet again – and he wanted to help it help.

Steve Barbarich Has Five Goals for Giving

The company has 5 goals when choosing which organizations to which to donate. First, it wants to provide funds to local communities in trouble due to disaster or other horrible problems. Second, he wants to work with local charities to decide how best to distribute the donations it delivers. Third, he aspires to give to people who need it the most. Fourth, it wants to assist in the rebuilding of harmed communities. Finally, it refuses to discriminate, providing relief regardless of race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, social class, disability, religion or location.

Truly an amazing company, it aspires to make a difference.